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Show #5: Our first Social Media President, Change Round-Up

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The Startup Success Podcast

The Startup Success Podcast

In our fifth show, I interview Change Round-Up CTO Andrew Badera on putting a new spin on both online customer retention and charitable giving. Change Round-Up is a startup that has found a niche between online retailers looking for ways to make their offerings more “sticky” and various charitable organizations who want to make it easier to give.

Pat and I discuss the recent U.S. Presidential Election from a tech point of view and also talk about the favorably changing developer landscape – too many platforms, not enough startups to go around.

And I have your weekly microISV tip – three things to keep firmly in mind when using PayPal, and Pat has both a microISV tip and a thoughtful book recommendation regarding the people end of this business.

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Written by Bob Walsh, Self-Funded Startup Consultant

November 15, 2008 at 4:31 pm