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Show #15: James Ward, Adobe Technical Evangelist

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The Startup Success Podcast

The Startup Success Podcast

Show #15 is all about Adobe Flex/Air for startups with James Ward, Adobe Technical Evangelist. We cover what Flex/Air offers startups, where the real Flex/Air action is really going on, what Adobe thinks of Microsoft’s Silverlight, does Adobe have a startup program, evaluating Flex/Air as a platform for your startup and your questions from our Facebook page and from the Business of Software Forum.

Since Bob and Pat talk with James for a while, we’re skipping for this week the other usual show segments.

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Show Notes:

URLs mentioned in this episode of the Startup Success Podcast.Here are some links I mentioned:

  • – Adobe Flex.
  • James Ward’s blog.
  • – Adobe Flex Developer Center.
  •  (not much here yet but we’d love help!)
  •  (book that Bruce Eckel and I co-authored about getting started with Flex)
  •  (Tour de Flex)
  •  (Flex samples)
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