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Show #57 Seth Godin on Linchpins and Startups.

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The Startup Success Podcast

The Startup Success Podcast

A very special interview with author and marketing authority Seth Godin on how startups can succeed in a world where fitting in doesn’t work anymore. Seth is the author of a dozen bestselling books including Purple Cow, Tribes, Permission Marketing and most recently and perhaps most importantly, Linchpin.

In this interview Bob and Pat have the opportunity to ask Seth how Linchpin applies to startups, the IT industry, what art means to developers, what keeps you from shipping, what Ayn Rand would say and succeeding in this post-industrial world. And, we get to several of the questions you asked us to ask.

If you listen to just one of our podcasts this year, this is the one.

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Written by Bob Walsh, Self-Funded Startup Consultant

February 25, 2010 at 8:52 am

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